Writing A Rule To The Discipline Of Sociology

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This point of view had under itself that basis that of accumulation in the industry where prevailed or unproductive craft workshops, or royal manufactories, were very weak. Nadezhda Kene on economic progress of the country ­ with accumulation which has the source, capitalist organized economy. Thus it seemed to it not the most, whether it is conducted on own or on tenantry. He knew that in England the capitalist farmers renting the earth at landlords successfully developed agriculture.

Shortcomings of this scheme are great. It is enough to tell that workers and capitalists both in the industry, and in economy are enlisted at Kene in the same class. Already Tyurgo partly corrected this absurd, and Smith ­ disproved it.

Why Kene and fiziokrata found a surplus value only in agriculture? Because there process of its production and assignment is most evident, obvious. Incomparably to make out it in the industry more difficultly. The main point is that the worker in unit of time more than a cost, than there are its own. But the worker makes not so those goods which he consumes. It, maybe, all life does nuts and screws, and he eats bread, sometimes meat and, very possibly, drinks wine or beer. To make out here a surplus value, it is necessary to know how to give nuts and screws, bread and wine to ­ to a common denominator, i.e. to have concept about the cost of goods. And had no such concept of Kene, it simply did not interest him.

Francois Quene's reflections were, generally in the sphere of agriculture. The peasant, having plowed, having fertilized and having sowed a ground, a crop. He filled up seeds, postponed grain for families, part sold for acquisition of the most city goods and was with satisfaction convinced that it still has some surplus. What can be simpler than this history? And meanwhile similar things of a of doctor Kene on different thoughts.

The interindustry balance (differently the called balance of a — release) gives the fullest initial material for the analysis of production and distribution of a cumulative public product and for planning of economically reasonable economic. Introduction of this method — one of the most considerable and almost important achievements of economic science of time.

In these conditions of idea of Kene quickly got a response though its interest in agriculture was other. Relying on the idea of agriculture as to the only sphere of economy, Kene and its school developed a of the economic reforms which had anti-feudal character. Tyurgo tried to see off them subsequently. In a measure they were carried out by revolution.

Such is there was in a general way a doctrine of Kene. Such is there was a fiziokratiya. At all its shortcomings and weaknesses it was integral economic and social outlook, for the time both in the theory and in practice.