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Duron is executed on K7 kernel with the built-in exclusive L2 cache. As well as new Athlon also known under the name Thunderbird. The only distinction between Duron and new Athlon - the volume of exclusive L2 cache which in a new series of processors makes only 64 KB instead of 256 KB on Thunderbird processors.

"Dispersal" usually is understood as operation of some product (for example - the processor in emergency (ultraboundary) conditions. For "the t of it can achieve some increase in productivity of system.

The processor under the code name Mustang will become the competitor of Xeon of Intel firm. Use of technological process in 0,13 microns and use of copper will allow to begin this line with model with a frequency of 1,4 GHz. For its work the 266-MHz system tire will be used. The cache of the second level with a capacity of 1-4 Mb will be placed on a crystal of the processor and to work at the clock frequency, identical with it. AMD 77 chipset is already developed for support of this processor

Increases of supply voltage (reasonably) are increased by speed of schemes in the processor a little and facilitates dispersal (raising at this thermal emission. It is necessary to approach this question very accurately and to be guided by the description of the manufacturer on each concrete model of the processor.

According to CPUmark, Duron a little quicker, than Athlon 65 CPUmark, in general, not absolutely reflects a real state of affairs. Does this test a little idealized, but all of us can conclude that Duron and Athlon 650 work with integer tasks more or less exactly of the relation to each other.

When developing new generation of Willamette by engineers of Intel tasks to achieve the maximum speed now and creations of a stock of productivity and scalability on the future were set. Need of it was dictated by recent trends of the movement of the market. Sharply Internet role where systems of visualization are even more often applied increased. Technologies as three-dimensional graphics and multimedia are constantly improved such, become habitual. Take root into life and innovations: stream video and recognition of the speech. Therefore requirements to speed of a CCP constantly grow. Careful study of architecture of the new processor will allow to provide it longer life and will facilitate modernization of systems on its basis in the future.

Ha the majority of universal motherboards the external clock frequency of the processor is exposed by a set of crossing points, and in the description to the motherboard as the rule not all their combinations are specified (naprmer, 3 crossing points give 8 combinations, and in the management are described only 4 or. "Undocumented frequencies" also are behind undescribed combinations as the rule.

The Palomino processor with the reduced size of a cache of the second level of 512 Kb has to become the competitor of Pentium 4. Use of copper 0,18-micron technology will allow to begin its production with model with a frequency of 1,5 GHz. Further transition to 0,13-micron technology is planned. For support of Palomino the system logic of AMD 760 and 760M, and also VIA KX266 and KT13 will be used

In order that Pentium 4 could be on sale in the market, motherboards with a set of the chips of system logic supporting them are necessary. Intel 85 became the first chipset for new processors It should be noted that use of two channels of memory of RDRAM which possesses not so much high efficiency, how many high price so far is provided in it. Some motherboards on a new set of system logic are already presented by producers.

In the near future there have to be three more new AMD processors executed on the basis of the modernized Athlon kernel. In them the increased volume a cache memory of the second level will be used, to be applied new technological process and there will be two additional stages in conveyor architecture. Set of instructions 3DNow! it will be expanded, it is obvious not to concede SSE

Brain of the personal computer is the microprocessor or the central processor – CPU (Central Processing Unit). The microprocessor carries out calculations and data processing and, as a rule is one of the most expensive chips of the computer. In all PC compatible computers processors compatible to family of chips of Intel are used, but they are issued and projected by both the firm Intel, and the AMD and Cyrix companies.