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"Conceptual production in the context of the conceptual market" in which the commodity status of conceptual forms is proved (concepts, election programs, logiko-system technologies, concepts) that attracts need of their standardization,

The program for the contents represents actually the business plan: without definition, for whose account the program will be realized, it is insolvent. Examination business - to find out it. But business of examination is also clarification of the one WHO WILL PROFESSIONALLY CARRY OUT the PROGRAM. In other words, any applicant for any form of the power has to provide COMPETENT, last examination, group of professionals which will be capable to realize the Program.

Thus the new new type of patenting has to be entered - the best is patented, the worst is rejected. That is the best, being approved, REMOVES the worst. QUALITY, but not property is patented, fixed mainly.

As result of intellectual work program documents are goods and, respectively, are subject to standardization, patenting and licensing. In this quality program documents are subject of the conceptual market.

Therefore, program to the program discord. They differ on quality. Thus there are moments when the software product stops being the software product, and becomes ANY IMAGINATION, the BLUFF, MEANS of CONSPIRACY.

The technologies which passed examination are patented in patent bureau of the CENTER and protected before elimination by their author or after providing more competitive technologies giving big justifications to selective theses.

Their extreme prooflessness, lozungovost, groundlessness and following to a primitive selective or imperious environment is the main reason of need of standardization of program documents.