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Applied on power substations mineral (transformatorno oil in the course of its transfusion (for example, plums from the tank in a tank) is also exposed to electrization. In case the metal capacity or a tanker are not grounded, in a filling they will be electrically loaded.

Intensity of electric field of industrial frequency (50 Hz) in electroinstallations of 400 kV and above for the personnel, systematically (during each working day) serving them, should not exceed at stay of a in electric field: without restriction of time — to 5 sq.m; no more than 180 min. within one days of 5 — 10 sq.m; no more than 90 min. within one days of 10 — 15 sq.m; no more than 10 min.

Besides, for reduction of static electrization at plum of oil products and other combustible liquids it is necessary to avoid falling and spraying of a stream from height, therefore a drain hose (a hand it is necessary to lower to the bottom of the tank or other any capacity. Metal tips of these drain hoses in order to avoid a proskakivaniye of sparks on the earth or the grounded parts of the equipment should be grounded the flexible copper conductor.

Generators, feeding lines, of high-voltage electroinstallations, sockets of working, induction coils, working condensers, windows and installations in general are subject to shielding. The screen design in each case has to provide the greatest effect of an. Let's give some examples.

As material for protective dressing gowns and overalls special fabric in which structure thin metallic threads are twisted with cotton threads that gives to fabric density, elasticity and heat-shielding is used. Protective properties of such fabric following:

Antistatic substances (graphite, enter and into structure of rubber products that increases their conductivity. So, rubber hoses for filling and transfer ­ liquids produce from maslobenzostoyky rubber that substantially reduces an of ignition of these liquids at transfusion them in mobile capacities (tankers, railway ).

Each system of the devices and pipelines filled by the electrified liquids has to be within shop of a not less than in two places. Tankers during filling or plum of combustible liquids have to be grounded.

Absorbing material carries out protection by a of energy of an electromagnetic field in the thermal. As absorbing material apply rubber, expanded polystyrene, ferromagnetic powder with the connecting dielectric, the mats impregnated with graphite, and other materials.

Energy of an electromagnetic field can pass into other forms of energy. Actually existence of life on Earth is caused by transformation of electromagnetic energy (an of sunshine) in thermal, chemical and other types of energy.

Electric charges on parts of a production can mutually be neutralized at some of damp air, and also flow down to the earth on an equipment. But in some cases; when electrostatic charges are great, and humidity of air is insignificant, there can be a fast spark category between parts of the equipment or the category on the earth.