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Douches do indoors at the air temperature of 18-20 °C in the beginning, then - in the open air. To prepare an organism for such transition, before each procedure carefully air the room, reducing temperature in it to 15 °C. In the summer of douche it is necessary to carry out in the open air daily under any weather conditions. To the people having high extent of training, it is possible to continue these procedures to the late fall.

Try daily, persistently to bring up at children a habit to the tempering procedures. Your personal example is of great importance. If parents accept air and water procedures, the child without coercion will follow their example. First of all develop love to fresh air at the kid.

General damp rubdown. At first rub off the top extremities, then lower and, at last, a breast and a back. Water temperature same, as at local rubdowns. It is possible to add salt to water (2 teaspoons of salt on 1 glass of water). It is necessary to follow the same rule - to wipe each part of a body dry right after its rubdown.