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But one of the main shortcomings of the last method is its some limitation that narrows opportunity it ­ applications. Using it, it is difficult to carry out the analysis of such as level of potential and real demand, a, elasticity of a market segment ("niche", "window"), the level and extent of the competition. More perfect is the following of methods.

Strategy of expansion of controlled market segments assumes increase in sales volume of the existing services in already won markets. Sometimes it is called strategy of "an of costs", "the small ship" or "improve that we already do". For implementation of such strategy there are following opportunities:

). The coefficient "competitiveness is more whole" means that one purpose complicates achievement another. If to receive numerical coefficient of competitiveness between them, it to include them in algorithm of calculations for "a tree of the purposes", a of calculations of amount of time necessary for achievement of the global purpose at different options of distribution of resources between them.

d — the level of variable administrative and trade expenses; — the level of constant production costs; f — the level of constant administrative and trade expenses; And — a control point of profit; In — a control point of additional profit. The shaded zone

where: Ot axis — sales volume; OV axis — time; and — a stage of introduction of new service on the market; — a stage of growth of sales volume (novelty); with — a maturity stage (balance between supply and demand); d — a falling stage (an obsolescence, aging.

The corner and represents so-called "the covering corner". Its size defines rate of return which the can receive at this output and the relation between constants and variable expenses. The more the corner, the is more than a rate of return. But it is necessary to observe balance between levels of variable expenses (i.e. opportunities of a ) and profit level.

The return task determines the level of prime cost or level of some of its components as independent variable, and profit, volume of production and overhead and business expenses as dependent variables.

Coefficients of the importance of the purposes are especially important. They in the expert way and show what of the purposes is more important, than it is possible to renounce in need of their achievement, and, on the contrary, on what it is necessary to pay bigger attention, to allocate more resources.

ruling of the main marketing objective and choice of criteria an for its achievement. The second stage — actually construction "is more whole than a ", the demanded level representing hierarchy of the purposes, local goals before specification. The third stage — actually the analysis. At this stage it is possible to use a number of coefficients.

*.dinamika of volume of realization of services. In this case specifics of the carried-out analysis follow from the ultimate goals pursued by the management. It can be: realization of services at any cost; increase in a share of the market (market segment, niche, ; a of the highest profit in the shortest possible time; a of reasonable (optimum) high profit for the longest period; stimulation of sale of new goods; entry into market system again appeared the ; decrease in demand for goods and so forth.

Strategy of development of a product is based on hard scientific research work on improvement of already services, expansion of their modifications and ways of granting that improves their consumer properties.

· identification of groups of potential or real consumers, one or parts of a certain contact audience. that separate elements of these groups have to possess some general signs by which classify them;

The consumer market consisting of certain subjects or social groups which acquire goods and (or) services for personal consumption. The major factors influencing a choice of this or that type of concrete service can be divided into six main groups: demographic, economic,, natural, scientific and technical and factors of a environment which have the impact at the same time.