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3 keys to aristotle's ethics 5 easy steps for argument essay

the first categorial row expresses "device" and "organization" of life. It is possible to refer the following pair categories of dialectics to this row: "single and the general", "a lot of things-edinnoye", "similarity distinction", "quality quantity", "idle time-syllabic", "part - whole", "final-infinite", "form contents", etc.

Such statement is primitive, rectilinear. Whole maybe collecting components where parts can be collected spontaneously. Such whole is not of value. Whole has to have integrity. Integrity has various types:

The main and nonbasic, main and minor. Primer:vzaimny transformations of a neutron, proton, electron, mezon in an atomic nucleus represent process of continuous emergence and resolution of conflicts, but it will not lead to change of atom polarity of a kernel, electron shells remain!

The essence and the phenomenon, part and whole are closely connected with categories categories contents and a form. The contents is understood as the category of materialistic dialectics designating interactions and the changes peculiar to the phenomenon caused by them. Rather steady system of communications of the moments of the contents, its structure is called as a form of the phenomenon. Concept "structure" designates a way of a combination and interrelation of elements of the whole. The concept "element" designates components, components any whole and being among themselves in a certain interrelation

Idea as the subject of philosophy was for the first time considered by Platon. Platon has an idea that initial whole that at all variety of separate things does them such, but not others; is general, being a basis of all separate things. To be essence of things and to the general many things, to be essential in them as if their prototype - such is property of idea.

The external, observable, meant, more mobile, changeable characteristics of a subject is called as the phenomenon. The internal, deep, hidden, rather steady characteristics of subjects defining their nature are called as essence. These phenomena act in a complex, as set.

Dialectics as the doctrine about unity of contrasts. "Dialectics-eat the doctrine how can be and there are identical contrasts, - under what conditions they are identical, turning the friend into the friend - why mind of the person should not take these contrasts, - for dead - stiffened, and for live-conditional,

Other categorial row expresses universal communications of determination. Treat them: "phenomenon essence", "reason consequence", "accident need", "opportunity reality" and of river. The first row of categories it is possible to call "gorizontalnam", and "second" - "vertical".

The whole represents the subject including as components, others, the subjects which are integrally connected among themselves and possessing such properties which are not reduced to properties of the parts making it.