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Biological feature of raspberry is the osypayemost of berries after maturing. Their mass fall is observed at Turner, Barnaul, and at others. It, in turn, causes frequent collecting in order to avoid losses of a crop.

Other part of forms of raspberry red with the same high krudnoplod-nost and efficiency, but not sporting in a vegetative, appeared in our selection material only recently, and they are so far poorly known in our country. These forms have a krupnoplodnost of other genetic origin and do not bear in themselves a gene of L

In farms these cultures are appreciated by the skoroplodnost (yields a harvest on the second guo, productivity (to 40 t/g. There are litter, having berries size about pigeon egg and without thorns. Good useful this plant — raspberry.

Probably, in new grades ­ to combine ability to a crop for three and less (like a grade of Molling dzhuyet) with property of berries of boyaryshnikolistny raspberry long ­ after maturing. New grades of this kind are in a sortoispytaniye.

If the main part (80 — 90%) of black raspberry can be harvested for two collecting, Kuzmin's News — usually for six — eight, Rubin Bulgarian — for four-five. and Molling dzhuyet — for three-four collecting. In droughty conditions the number of collecting decreases.

The cultural history of raspberry leaves deep into centuries. Excavation of the settlements relating to stone and bronze eyelids where raspberry seeds are found testifies to it. Plity Sr. living in the first eyelid BC mentions the wild raspberry growing on the mountain of Ides in Central Asia. The same Plity gave raspberry the name Rubus Idaeus. Long time raspberry was used in a wild look. The first data on culture of raspberry in Western Europe carry to the XVI century. At first it from the woods was replaced in monastic gardens where tried to cultivate. At the beginning of the XVII century Klauzius describes white and red raspberries in culture.

On fertile easy soils the root system of the majority of grades of raspberry can get on depth to 90 cm, but the mass of roots settles down in a layer of 30 — 40 cm. The strong root system promotes formation of powerful elevated part, causing growth of, winter hardiness and productivity of a bush. With age as a result of isolation of offsprings and aging of a rhizome the root system weakens.

Non-simultaneous maturing is caused first of all by non-simultaneous blossoming. that at at the same time blackcurrants a too the non-simultaneous. But at this culture simultaneous cleaning is possible because the ripened berries remain in a state enough ­, the others during this time ripen. Unfortunately, at raspberry in three-four days after maturing of berry darken and spoil. At the same time at a boyaryshnikolistny they can not spoil on plants during six — eight days after maturing.