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Still significant problems of branch in Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai, on the island of Sakhalin, having the considerable not used wood reserves. There, the removal of business wood for export is generally made. Balance wood and its waste remain in cutting areas, polluting environment. Wood losses thus make millions of cubic meters. Earlier operating enterprises: The Amur TsKK and plants to Sakhalin Island, are almost stopped.

The provided data say that the industry works better, but far not at full capacity, and along with rise of production urgent intensive modernization of the enterprises, reconstruction and modernization of the equipment and technologies is required.

The main problems consist in urgent improvement of production structure of the operating enterprises for rational and complex development of the remained structure of operational fund of the woods here.

At the second stage realization of the strategic directions of development of timber processing complex is supposed building of the new integrated productions on complex and deep processing of wood raw materials.

The logging industry represents branch on preparation, removal, preprocessing and partial processing of large forest products and waste of logging. It includes the following productions:

However, efficiency of use of forest resources and an export potential in Siberia is lowest. One of the reasons of such situation - lag of creation and development of the enterprises for chemical processing of wood, remains insufficient the level of use of deciduous wood, the level of use of waste of logging and a woodworking, secondary forest raw resources is low.

Creation of the timber processing complexes (LPK) representing a territorial combination of logging and various productions of the forest industry became modern line of branch. Are allocated Brotherly, Ust-Ilimsk, Yenisei, Asinovsky LPK - in Siberia; The Amur LPK – in the Far East; Arkhangelsk and Syktyvkar timber industry complex – in the Northern economic region.

Pulp and paper industry – the most difficult branch of a forest complex connected with machining and chemical processing of wood. It includes production of cellulose, paper, a cardboard and products from them. This branch differs:

Improvement of structure of timber industry production in the direction of increase in a share of deep chemical and chemical and mechanical processing of all prepared wood biomass, including wood waste;

Timber rafting, including primary (generally on the small rivers) and transit (mainly on the large rivers and reservoirs), including works on a wood alloy, its initial skatka on water and to formation of rafts;

At the second stage works on increase in a share of deeper chemical and chemical and mechanical processing of raw materials, expansion of the range of the let-out types of production, construction of the new timber industry enterprises for complex use of raw materials have to gain further development.

Ensuring highly profitable production and steady financial position of all branches of timber processing complex. Orientation to self-financing and providing the current and one-time costs of development of production at the expense of own means;