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Diffusive juice - multicomponent system. It contains sucrose and not sugar, presented by soluble proteinaceous, pectinaceous substances and products of their disintegration, the reducing sugars, amino acids, etc.

In sokoochistitelny office from diffusive juice about 1/3 not sugars are removed, the others of not sugar together with sucrose come to grocery office where the most part of sucrose takes shape in the form of granulated sugar, and not sugar remain in intercrystal solution.

Add limy milk to the filtered juice arriving from FILS (2-% SAO to the mass of beet, heat mix to temperature (92-9 5o 0C and within 4-5 minutes subject to an additional defekation in a defekator.

The following parameters belong to shortcomings: crushing of shaving when transporting, different portions of shaving are at different times in the device, the inefficiency of the transporting bodies is the reason of it.

Sucrose – pure carbohydrates, well usvoyay, very much, possesses power value. Daily norm of sugar of 100 grams. The increased consumption of sugar leads to violation of a fatty exchange, worsens a dental health, worsens work of warmly vascular system.

In the territory of our country grows melliferous herbs and pyltsenos over one thousand types, however for branch two-three tens from them have practical value. Thus in each district only some types give the main part of products, as a rule. The melliferous herbs occupying the big spaces and differing in the highest nektaroproduktivnost usually concern to them. Thus, the melliferous base includes the main melliferous herbs which are the main source of receiving pchelovodny production, and minor, providing bees with the small (supporting) medosbor. From agricultural (cultural) melliferous herbs carry sunflower, a buckwheat, mustard, a cock's head, a cotton, a colza, a coriander to number of the main, tributaries, fruit and berry plantings, and from wild-growing - a linden, white and yellow acacias, different types of a willow and a maple,, ivan-tea (willow-herb), etc.

The number of steps of evaporating installation gets out on the basis of technical and economic calculation in which it is considered: capital expenditure, operational costs. The increase in number of steps of the evaporating installation (EI) leads, on the one hand, to reduction of a consumption of the heating steam that involves reduction of operational costs, on the other hand, to increase in a total surface of heating of evaporating devices that leads to increase in capital expenditure.

C6H8 (IT) 6 – hexatomic alcohol, colourless, crystal substance, on sweet close to glucose, is well acquired by a human body and has power value. It is developed at the enterprises of the vitamin industry by glucose restoration. Contains in fruits of a mountain ash, a dogrose, apricots, etc. Goes on sale in the form of tiles of 100 - 300 g, previously packed into the waxed paper, and then on boxes. Relative humidity of air of 25%.

A variety of melliferous grounds is of exclusive value for beekeeping: existence of the woods, gardens, meadows and fields with the melliferous herbs growing on them. The last blossom almost continuously without long breaks in a medosbor. In this case coltsfoot, fruit-trees, berry-pickers, a yellow acacia, maples, willows, a dandelion, during the summer period – field blossom in the spring

(85-9 5o 0C in heaters also moves in a defekator (a hot defekation) where 10 minutes are maintained. At the exit from a defekator to juice limy milk (5-% SAO is added to the mass of beet for increase of filtering properties of juice I of a saturation. Further defekovanny juice comes to the circulating collection where mixes up with (5-multiple amount of the juice I of a saturation recirculated on an external contour and in the device I is saturated within 10 minutes to pH 18-1

The dried-up and cooled granulated sugar moves on the car of a rassev where conglomerates and small fractions separate. For unpacked storage fractions with uniformity coefficient to 10% are formed. After a rassev sugar goes in the bunker, being in packing office from which stocks up in bags, is weighed, sewn up and the tape conveyor goes to a warehouse.